Let’s re-create the Eddington Experiment with as many observers as possible!

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If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Rachel Freed at: rachel@universe.sonoma.edu

Measuring Starlight Deflection during the 2017 Eclipse: Repeating the Experiment that made Einstein Famous
Technical Details experimentally determined by Donald Bruns

Repeating the Experiment that Made Einstein Famous
Updates by Donald Bruns

Great technical details based on experimentation:
Donald Bruns’ article in Sky and Telescope

Gravitational Starlight Deflection Measurements during the 21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse:
An article by Donald Bruns

“The problem of an accurate determination of the relativistic light deflection”
E. Finlay Freundlich and W. Ledermann (1943)

For help setting up your equipment for the experiment you can contact Greg Kinne: