Teaching science, engineering and computer programming through hands on projects. LbyM is currently taught in a number of California high schools and middle schools.

NASA’s Universe of Learning
Providing resources to teach astronomy skills to the general public.

MACH is a project funded by NASA to study how magnetic fields impacts habitability of planets. EdEon is creating a public outreach site to communicate the goals of the project.

The EdEon team supports the creation of student built cubesats at Sonoma State. Our most recent satellite, EdgeCube, was deployed in February 2020.

Eclipse Megamovie
A combined effort to analyze properties of the sun based on eclipse photographs.

NASA’s Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope
Outreach and educational material related to NASA's mission to study cosmic high energy emissions. Formerly known as GLAST.

NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory
Outreach and educational materials related to NASA's mission to study gamma ray bursts.

EdEon partners with NISE Net, a community of informal educators and scientists dedicated to supporting learning about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) across the United States.

Educational outreach materials created in our ongoing partnership with the LIGO project.

Rising Data
Rising Data is a NASA MUREP program developed to teach community college students how to build Arduino-based payloads and fly them on model rockets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Small Satellites for Secondary Students is a NASA EPOESS project that teaches middle and high school students to build Arduino-based payloads that are flown on tethered balloons and on high-powered rockets.

Epo’s Chronicles
A webcomic in English, Spanish, Italian and French that follows the adventures of Alkina and her spaceship EPO as they learn about the Universe and try to discover their origins.

Big Ideas in Cosmology
An online, interactive 18-unit course in Astronomy and Cosmology developed for General Education college students.