The StarLab system is a portable planetarium teaching environment that can be brought right into the classroom. It consists of an inflatable dome, a projector, projection cylinders, and optional accessories. Easy to store and transport, the system packs down into a traveling case and two duffel bags. In fact, the StarLab system is so compact that it can be handled by one person and transported in the back of most small cars. Once unpacked, StarLab can be set up in under ten minutes.

For more information about the StarLab product please visit the StarLab web site.

StarLab Requirements

  1. The StarLab is best used in large rooms such as gymnasiums or auditoriums. The dimensions are 21 ft. long by 21 ft. wide by 11 ft. tall. When determining where to setup the StarLab be careful to watch out for hanging light fixtures!
  2. The StarLab also requires a standard 110 Volt power outlet to power the star light cylinder.
  3. The StarLab comes in two big duffle bags and two large steamer trunks. The entire lab will easily fits into midsize sedan. It might be a tight fit in an economy class car.

How to Reserve the StarLab

EdEon makes the StarLab unit available to teachers and the general public. To reserve, email new owner Ken Zscharch at