How does the Universe work? How did we get here? Are we alone? NASA’s Universe of Learning provides resources and experiences that enable educators to engage their audiences in the science, the story, and the adventure of NASA’s scientific explorations of the Universe.

As a part of this NASA-funded program, Sonoma State University has developed an online learning platform for teens and life-long learners – our Astronomy from Home website:

Additionally, we have worked with faculty who teach those becoming science middle and high school teachers to meet science standards including scientific practices. To learn more about this work, please visit our resources page for pre-service teachers.

Resources Page for Pre-Service Teachers

For participants in the UoL faculty program, please find additional resources here:

Preservice Faculty (Password Protected)

To find out more information about NASA’s Universe of Learning Program, please visit

NASA’s Universe of Learning materials are based upon work supported by NASA under award number NNX16AC65A to the Space Telescope Science Institute, working in partnership with Caltech/IPAC, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and Sonoma State University.