Aurore Simonnet joined the E/PO group in October 2000 as a scientific illustrator. She adds a creative flare to physical science and technical illustrations used for our various education and public outreach programs. From diagrams to illustrations, her skills in graphic design and technical drawing contribute a diverse scientific perspective.

Aurore has always been fascinated with physics, astronomy and art. At the University of California, Santa Cruz, she developed an individual major entitled “Physical Science Illustration,” expanding on her strengths as an artist. Aurore built her own curriculum, combining both science classes in physics and astronomy and natural science illustration classes. Alongside her physics professor, Don Coyne, she designed her senior project, which consisted of a large poster of the MILAGRO Telescope (located in Los Alamos) and a triptych of three posters showing the evolution of the explosion of a primordial black hole. The summer after graduating, Aurore did an internship with the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) League, in New Jersey. She worked on a rendering of their future array of sixteen telescopes.

Aurore is a native of France who speaks English and French fluently. Aurore is a passionate synchronized swimmer who participates in national and international masters competitions.

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