March 15th – 21st is Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a week to promote inclusive environments and to recognize the important contributions of neurodiverse people. EdEon is working with NASA to develop resources for STEM Education through NASA’s Neurodiversity Network, N3.

You can learn more about this week and effort at, which also includes resources for working with a diverse learners in the classroom. Many universities and institutions have signed on to support this and similar efforts, making their own work available to the public to help facilitate better education for all people. In the coming months we hope to highlight some of those resources as part of the N3 program.

NASA’s Neurodiversity Network (N3) aims to broaden participation in NASA programs to include autistic and other learners with neurological differences. As part of NASA’s Science Activation Program, which is composed of teams across the nation to help learners of all ages and abilities do science, N3 will use specific learning modules to support autistic learners with the social and technical skills needed for successful STEM careers.